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new electricity tariff

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Important Information for your power supply

  • contentcolumnsitem Since June 1st, the Salzburg AG has introduced more favorable electricity prices. For legal reasons, you must sign a new electricity supply contract with us to profit from these better prices.
  • contentcolumnsitem_1608951057 Apart from the more favorable prices, the new contract holds no changes or disadvantages compared to your old one.
  • contentcolumnsitem_2120070030 Every old tariff is replaced with a new successor tariff with a lower price. Please switch to the new electricity tariff now in order to avoid additional costs.

Website or customer portal or letter: All paths lead to affordable electricity.

Simply online – done in 10 minutes!

Directly here on the website

Please use the activation code which you find in the letter from the Salzburg AG for your identification.

Or directly in the customer portal:

You can also effect the tariff change with a few clicks in the Salzburg AG customer portal

In the portal, you can also agree to a one-year commitment and secure 21 FreistromTage for 2024.

Or return the contract:

All customers who still use the old tariffs will receive a letter from the Salzburg AG in December 2024. The letter holds two copies of the new contract. Please return a signed copy to agree to the new prices. 


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