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Innovation Challenge #4

Co-Creation Programm to launch a pilot together

For the fourth time, the Co-Creation Programm aims to bring together Innovators and the leading Austrian energy and technology company Salzburg AG to launch a pilot project towards a more sustainable and smarter world. 

4 products were selected and presented at the demo day on March 4, 2020.

We believe that sustainable development cannot be achieved without significantly transforming the way we manage our energy systems and urban spaces by applying new technology solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to advance people’s quality of life. For this transformation Salzburg AG needs the brightest minds to embrace the potential of 5G and of digital infrastructure services and products. The anticipated partnership will offer opportunities for co-innovation, expert knowhow, a funded prototype and access to a huge customer base, as well as a large network for the participating startups. This year, our trusted partner Sharkbite Innovation supports us during the challenge to find the best startups worldwide and set up an acceleration process that is beneficial for all parties.

Salzburg AG supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We use the Challenge to contribute to the following SDGs:


What are we looking for

We are looking for innovative companies with a working prototype or more who could revolutionise our society with 5G and digital infrastructure services in the following three areas:

5G campus services
We invested in 5G frequencies for Salzburg and a 5G test campus will be set up for the challenge to develop and evaluate demo projects.
  • Agriculture & Forestry Industry (e.g. climate-agriculture monitoring, precision farming)
  • Sports und Retail (e.g. football, skiing resorts, stadiums, store tracking, personal advertising)
  • Industry & Utility (e.g. remote manufacturing, monitoring, robot control, smart grids)
  • Smart City & Smart Building (e.g. traffic safety, city lighting, public transport, home automation)
  • Logistics (e.g. tracking, fleet management, connected ports)
  • Environment (e.g. flood monitoring, environmental monitoring, avalanche)
Digital Platform Business Models
We are building our own software platform and are looking for services we can built upon. Models needs to be integrated in our Ecosystem (e.g. via Open APIs).
  • Innovative digital business models (e.g. cloud services, communities such as prosumers, facility management)
  • Services enhancing customer and partner experience on platforms (e.g. guided selling portal solutions, optimising customer self-service, cloud services, further digital services for end-consumers enhancing our platform portfolio) 
Smart Energy Services
Technologies enable new solutions for the energy market. We are looking for sustainable and attractive solutions for our customers.
  • Future of algo-trading for the energy market (algorithms, machine learning, big data, automated trading strategies)
  • Services for Photovoltaic, Battery, E-Charging Stations, Smart Meter Data (apps, bundles, platforms, project plannings, installations)


  • Get exposed to the leading Austrian energy and technology company Salzburg AG and their huge customer base
  • Co-create a prototype in partnership with Salzburg AG experts
  • Get financial support for pilot acceleration (up to € 50,000 for each project)
  • The winning team receives up to € 100,000 for the pilot rollout
  • Receive expert support and a business knowhow boost
  • Secure the potential for a long-term business opportunity with Salzburg AG
  • Become a trusted partner for energy and technology companies – beyond Salzburg
  • Get exposure to the corporate venture team of Salzburg AG

Previous Projects Innovation Challenge





Salzburg AG in digitised and playful form. Together with the Hallein-based startup Polycular, an adventure game for school classes is being developed in order to convey knowledge about the main business areas of Salzburg AG (energy, transport, mobility, telecommunication and water) with the help of augmented reality via a tablet app. This app is embedded in the school programmes of Salzburg AG




Smart Inspection - Ocean Maps 

Easy-to-understand visualisation of the underwater stowage space of hydroelectric plants. Especially in the field of surveying the stowage space and dam structures, in addition to the use of airborne and underwater drones, digital video and image processing (3D applications) are used. With the Digital Twin, a cost-reducing power plant digitisation for mobile devices is emerging. With a patented methodology we visualise spatial data for planning, maintenance and knowledge management.




Future of Maintenance 

Using artificial intelligence to predict and optimise the maintenance of power plant components. "Predictive analytics" and "predictive maintenance" are well-known methods that are used, for example, in space travel and meteorology. With the help of these two forecasting and data analysis methods, future events can be determined. Data from operation and maintenance are examined with these two tools. With their help, the operation and maintenance of hydropower plants will be optimised in the future and state forecasts can be made.

About us

Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG contributes to the quality of life and economic development of the region of Salzburg. Its unique portfolio in Austria includes products and services in the fields of electricity, natural gas, district heating and transport, as well as cable TV, internet and telephony, assuring reliable infrastructure for the citizens of the state of Salzburg and beyond. Salzburg AG actively seizes opportunities for its customers and wants to make life in the future more comfortable, more interconnected and more sustainable. Therefore Salzburg AG also invests in 5G frequencies and a 5G test campus will be realised to prototype possible 5G use cases.

Sharkbite Innovation GmbH

Sharkbite Innovation is an ecosystem builder and an expert in corporate innovation with offices in Berlin and Munich. The team acts with the strong belief that sustainability and new technologies are the main drivers for new business models. Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Sharkbite connects innovators and start-ups with large corporations, with the aim of leveraging their potential and turning sustainability challenges into profitable new businesses. For boosting sustainable innovation within companies, Sharkbite empowers leadership and innovation teams with the right mindset and methods. More about Sharkbite Innovation at


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Jonathan Grothaus


Laura Kohler


Sebastian Neumann